Pure Extracts

Our Business Model


Our unique business model is founded on three pillars:

Brand Development

Our approach is multi-faceted and comprehensive as it includes elements that allow for future growth & expansion, scalability and increased productivity. 



Extraction is our business.

  • Our Vitalis CO² Extraction system produces Full Spectrum Oil (FSO) which is one of the purest and highest quality oils.
  • We are aiming for a capacity of over 100,000 kg of biomass per year with a technique that has been tried and tested through our teams’ industry experience. 


Industry leading quality assurance

  • Pure Extracts is equipped to offer a variety of different product formulations in the near future, each with specific functionalities.
  • Product formulations will be of optimal quality, composed of Pure Extracts’ oils and blends of natural ingredients.
  • Pure Extract’s long-term product expansion plan will be strategically rolled out in three phases.
  • For more information about our Quality Development Plan download our investor presentation here. 

Brand Development

The Extract Market in Canada is still in its infancy

A very limited number of companies are focused on oil extraction. This provides an opportunity for a company with proven ability and perspective to leverage long term experience in the field.

Brand Development is unique to our business model and makes Pure Extracts the only sector-specialized extractor to enter the Canadian Market with a comprehensive Brand Expansion Plan.  

Business Lines

The Functional Products & Emerging Psychedelic Compounds markets represent outstanding growth opportunities in uncrowded sectors

Alongside our Cannabis and CBD business lines, Pure Extracts is ideally positioned to rapidly develop and commercialize functional wellness products and psychedelic medicinal products to serve the R&D and drug discovery growth drivers of this exciting new sector.


Pure Extracts has upcoming catalysts focused on growth.
Phase One
Phase Two
Phase Three
Phase Four
Phase Five
Fully Funded expansion of existing facility to 10,000 sq. Ft.
  • Completed Health Canada High Level Review
Submit evidence package to Health Canada
  • Completion of 10,000 sq.ft. state-of-the-art extraction facility
  • Supply Tolling and White Label contracts secured with Licensed Producers
  • Facility Expansion
Health Canada Standard Processing License
  • Commence operations & sales for tolling and white label
Full production
  • Edible compliance testing
  • Submission of private label products to Health Canada
  • Secure distribution with provincial governments
Begin sales of nationally recognized brand and expand product line
  • National Health Product (NHP) Site Licence
  • EU-GMP Certification for high-growth EU cannabis market